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Boat specimen fish 2017  

Please can the angling members of the HSLAA remember to write clearly in the specimen book with name of angler, fish, weight and date. Thank you.

Name:                         Species                              Weight lbs oz dr                                    Date

I Martin                               Pollock                                           10lbs 7ozs                                                              8-01-17

S Cramp                              Pollock                                           8lbs 7ozs                                                                8-01-17

R Lavender                        Spurdog                                        15lbs 8.6ozs                                                          18-01-17

S Carroll                             Thornback                                     12lbs 0.3ozs                                                          18-01-17

R Lavender                        Thornback                                     8lbs 5.6ozs                                                           18-01-17

K Sturmer                           Pollock                                            12lbs 7.2ozs                                                          22-01-17

G Bisson                             Pollock                                             12lbs 2ozs                                                             22-01-17

D Cramp                            Pollock                                              9lbs 7.5ozs                                                           23-01-17

K Sturmer                          Place                                                 2lbs 9ozs                                                              18-02-17

G Bisson                            Pollock                                              14lbs 5ozs 2                                                         11-03-17

K Sturmer                          Pollock                                              13lbs 5ozs 8                                                         11-03-17

K Sturmer                          Pollock                                              14lbs 9.5ozs                                                         02-04-17

G Bisson                                                                                       14lbs 14.2ozs                                                       02-04-17

S Carroll                           Whiting                                              1lbs 15.8ozs                                                         07-04-17

K Sturmer                        Pollock                                                 13lbs 8ozs 6                                                       08-04-17

C Crosby                         Thornback (sin)                                  11lbs 2ozs 7                                                        23-04-17

R Lavender                     T Ray                                                    9lbs 11ozs 0                                                       23-04-17

D Cramp                          Thornback                                          9lbs 4ozs 3                                                         23-04-17

S Carroll                           T Ray                                                    10lbs 1ozs 1                                                       23-04-17

M Murphy                        Plaice                                                   2lbs 15ozs 5                                                      21-05-17

I Martin                            Plaice                                                   3lbs 11ozs 3                                                       28-05-17

F Slaughter                      Plaice                                                   3lbs 4ozs 3                                                       31-05-17

C Pickard                          Plaice                                                  4lbs 12ozs 6                                                      31-05-17

K Sturmer                         Pollock                                                 9lbs 2.2ozs                                                        03-06-17

G Bisson                           Pollock                                                 8lbs 15ozs                                                          03-06-17

K Sturmer                         Pollock                                                 12lbs 14ozs                                                        13-06-17

I Martin                             Pollock                                                 11lbs 9.5ozs                                                       13-06-17

S Wells                              Plaice                                                    3lbs 1ozs                                                            17-06-17

B Ellis                                Smooth hound                                     15lbs 15.5ozs                                                    17-06-17             

P Murray                           Smooth Hound                                    14lbs 12.1ozs                                                     17-06-17

R Lavender                       Thornback                                           9lbs 15.2ozs                                                       18-06-17

R Lavender                        Plaice                                                   2lbs 10.2ozs                                                        18-06-17

C Dickinson                       Skate Fish                                           11lbs 3ozs 0                                                         18-06-17

K Sturmer                           Smooth Hound                                   10lbs 11ozs                                                          17-06-17

G Bisson                             Smooth Hound                                   18lbs 12ozs                                                          18-06-17

K Sturmer                           Smooth Hound                                   12lbs 10ozs                                                          18-06-17

K Sturmer                           Pollock                                                  12lbs 12.4ozs                                                       08-07-17

K Sturmer                           Plaice                                                     2lbs 7ozs                                                              09-07-17

K Sturmer                           Thornback                                            9lbs 13,4ozs                                                        09-07-17

K Sturmer                           Pollock                                                   12lbs 0ozs 1                                                         06-08-17

A Wells                                Ballan Wrasse                                     3lbs 2ozs 2                                                         13-08-17

P Murray                             Plaice                                                     3lbs 12ozs                                                           13-08-17

P Murray                             Ballan Wrasse                                      2lbs 11ozs 6                                                        13-08-17

B Ellis                                   Smooth Hound                                     9lbs 12ozs 6                                                        13-08-17

F Slaughter                        Plaice                                                     2lbs 8ozs 1                                                           13-08-17

R Lavender                         Blond Ray                                              21lbs 0.9ozs                                                         14-08-17

J Cunningham                   Plaice                                                      2lbs 9ozs 6                                                          14-08-17

T Skinner                             Plaice                                                      3lbs 5ozs 4                                                          14-08-17

Beach Specimen fish 2017

Name:                           Species                             Weight lbs/oz/dr                                 Date 


C Crosby                                L S D                                             1lbs 8ozs                                                             26-02-17

Fish Of The Month: Boats 2017